Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4, 2008

Checked on both hives yesterday and acitivity seems to have slowed over the past two weeks...some comb drawn on one honey frame in hive B with a some brood noted on it as well. Hive A has no comb drawn in the honey super but some egg laying noted in both hive bodies with capped brood cells and bee activity. I wish I noted a higher percentage of bees with full pollen baskets returning to the hives, but as a rookie, I don't have much experience to compare too...Will continue:

Main questions at this point:
Did I feed them well enough and long enough after installation?
Did I medicate them appropriately?
Should I be checking and finding the queen more often?
Should I have done more with mite control?
How are my hives compared to other newly intalled colonies?
Enough for now...Will simply continue and hopefully learn and get better as mistakes (as well as successes) are realized and addressed:) TW

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