Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The bees arrived 6 weeks ago and have miraculously survived some volatile weather conditions. Have no fear....there is honey to be made!

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Tim's Bees & Trees said...

June 23rd quick update...Added our first honey supers on our double hive bodies, June 15th, with blossoming clover and native flowers. The bottom box, on each of the 2 hives, had about 7-8 frames filled with comb and and capped cells. The top hive blody, added three weeks ago had about 5-6 frames with comb drawn out and eggs being laid...Decided, at that point, to add our first honey super, on both hives, trying to anticipate the honey flow.
This morning, June 23rd, there was good bee activity at both hives and I'm looking forward to getting into them this afternoon and checking on honey supers/frames to see if we can hope for a little harvestable honey in a couple of months. Really feeling like the novice I am but certainly enjoying the experience of a new outdoor activity. TW